I'm just an ordinary guy (you know?) who decided to write a book.

Years passed.

In March 2013,  I sat down and read a whole bunch of zombie books (and listened to the audiobooks of a ton more.) The result, after a few twists and turns, is the increasingly global series Surviving The Evacuation.

Book 1 began as a journal, written by an unnamed survivor, found in the ruins, a decade after the outbreak. The story evolved, the journal grew and morphed into a series that  tells the story of an outbreak, the political response to it, and a decades old conspiracy.

The series continues, with new characters, in Book 4: Unsafe Haven & Book 5: Reunion. These novels move away from the political theme, and focus on survival, betrayal and the hope for a new life. They are the story of Nilda and her son Jay, as they struggle through the early days of the outbreak in search of somewhere, anywhere, that is safe.

Nilda, Jay, Chester and Tuck's story concludes in Book 6: Harvest and Book 7: Home, . Both novels are set in and around the Tower of London, and deal with the everyday struggles of life in an undead world, betrayal, and the final end to the conspiracy that brought about the end of our world.

This was going to be the end to the series, but due to popular demand, it continues in Here We Stand 1: Infected & 2: Divided, the story of Sholto, the outbreak, and how he tried to stop the conspiracy behind it.

Bill et al return in Book 8: Anglesey: Eight months after the outbreak, humanity has been reduced to a few thousand souls. With this realisation begins the struggle to ensure that the species itself doesn't become extinct.

Work Rest Repeat is set within a quasi-dystopian city, one of only three to survive The Great Disaster some sixty years before. The 120,000 survivors are working, and have been for the past six decades, on constructing colony ships to evacuate this last remnant of humanity to Mars. It was a desperate plan, but one that seems to be have worked. A launch date has been set. A lottery is to be held to choose the first colonists but, with only twenty-four hours before the election, two murders threaten to disrupt humanity’s plans.

Strike a Match: a transatlantic thriller set in a world of rationing and ruins, democracy and despotism, steam trains and smart phones. This isn't the story of how the apocalypse is survived, but of what happens next.



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