Here We Stand 2: Divided

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It is a week since the outbreak began in New York. The president has been betrayed. The vice-president is dead. The government has collapsed. The conspirators are close to victory.


Having narrowly escaped agents of the cabal, Tom Clemens heads to Washington hoping to get word of the conspiracy to the president. The highways become impassable, filled with millions fleeing from the cities. Towns are fortified, but it is too late. The infection has already spread throughout the country. Nowhere is safe from the undead.


As refugees storm the towns, and zombies fill their smoking ruins, survivors become more deadly a threat than the impossibly living dead. Still hopeful he can find the cause of the outbreak, and so end it, Tom fights his way through an undead America. As he searches for the cabal, he is unaware that they are searching for him.


The story of Tom Clemens / Sholto continues in Surviving The Evacuation: Book 1: London. That of the survivors in North America will continue in Here We Stand 3: Betrayed.

Please note: As the President of the United States is a background character, and the presidential election a background event, American English has been used in this book though with some British spellings as most of Surviving the Evacuation takes place in the United Kingdom.